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Robots vs Ninjas is an action packed endless round survival where you must dodge bullets and lacerate  and barrage countless enemies with giant shurikens and a razor sharp katana! 

You start off with just your trusty sword and set of shurikens and must survive wave after wave of enemies whose only goal is to kill. As the game goes on, you become more and more powerful until eventually when nothing will be able to stop you!

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Published 79 days ago
Release date 79 days ago
TagsDystopian, Endless, Hack and Slash, lava, lone-survivor, Ninja, pve, Survival, upgrades

Install instructions

Note: You must have WinRar, 7Zip or an alternative to play the game.

To play: Go into the downloaded Rar file and run the game.exe file. If you decide to extract the file for whatever reason, you must keep the Game_Data folder in the same place as the Game.exe file.


Game.rar (18 MB)